.1981 to 1983 the beginning of the stencil graffiti art .I had the idea to use stencils to make graffiti for one reason. I did not want to imitate the American graffiti that I had seen in NYC in 1971 during a journey I had done over there.I wanted to have my own style in the street... I began to spray some small rats in the streets of Paris because rats are the only wild living animals in cities and only rats will survive when the human race will have disappeared and died out.

.1983 the fisrt large figure in the life size I have make in the sreet. This is an old Irish man yelling against English soldiers in Belfast in the seventie's.The man is very brave because the soldie couleur rs are very nervous trying to shoot with their guns some guys from the IRA.The photo was incredible strong.I always been fascinated by the people at the risk of one's life do not hesitate to say what they think. I still use this image in this time and it is the image I have done the most in a lot of different countries.The man took many differebt aspect to the people sometimes he is an old man , sometimes people think he is Buster Keaton or Chaplin or a tramp or an anarchist.I like when my images take different aspect by the place where they are pasted.

.Tribute to Tom Waits 1983

.1984 If you look up on Dali's painting "The tuna -fish fishing "you will see the portrait of this man a little bit different but you will recognize him for sure.

.1984 During the summer 1984 I make stencil graffiti of this Russian soldier in Paris I put hundred of them in different places of the city.

.1984 The man screaming.

.1984 The naked woman

.1984 Portrait of the French president Francois Mitterand

.1985 Tribute to Andy Warhol

.1985 Portrait of a chinese man

.1986 The woman and the child

.1986 The old man looking for nothing in the street

.1986 Self-portrait

.1986 Last tango in Paris

.1987 Some stencil graffiti in Marrakesh in the coutry of Marocco. Great meeting with Marocan children .

.1987 Jesus christ In New-York City , Paris and other places

.1988 Napoli in Italy I Spent one month In Napoli invited by Jean Digne from the French institute. I discoverd the city of Pompei which is the most incredible place of the world and in which I have taken a lot of influence.

all photos by Libero de Cunzo

.1989 The venus callipyge and some other stencil graffiti in streets

.1989 The young man from Italy in Paris and Leipzig

.1989 The old Greek woman

.1990 The woman and the child in Paris and Leipzig

.1991 The soldier before the gulf war in Paris and Leipzig

.1991 Joseph Beuys in Paris and Koln in Germany

.1992 fawn first version

.1992 Tribute to Sybille

.Gainsbourg's wall in Paris since 1985 to 2004

.1993 /94 posters /self-portrait

.1995 Posters in Paris with SO6

.1997 Napoli The Family of god father

.1998 Leipzig the family

.2000 Posters in Barcelona Spain

.2001 The fawn in Volubilis Maroc/photos Sybille Metze Prou

.2002 The old man in Berlin/Photos Jurgen Grosse

.2003 The sheep and the astronaut

.2003 No more war in the world

.2004 The sagitarius in Firenze Italy

Thank you Tarek for the invitation

.2004 2005 The man who goes through the wall in our wonderful world. London , Buenos -aires , Pragua , Leipzig.

. March 2005 Florence Aubenas is a French journalist from the newspaper "Liberation" who was kidnaped in Irak on the 5th of January 2005 and realesd in june.

.Nov 2005 Taipei,Taiwan.Thank you to Nina Liao and Jin Meng for the wonderful exhibition I had over there.Photos by Nina Liao
18th of March 2006 Congress in Vienna

Photos by N. Siegel

Beneath London sky.oct 2006 Leonard street Gallery.

Photos Sybille Metze-Prou

NYC dec 2006
London January 2007 Thank you Cedar Lewisohn and Mike Snelle for the help .Hit the Modern Tate was really great and quite amazing !